Testimonials are the life-blood of our school. They indicate that we are doing the right thing day after day and that our commitment to excellence is not only a statement in a teaching philosophy but, more importantly, that it shows!

Wei Wei W. | Pleasanton, CA

We’ve been with New World Academy for almost 7 years and really enjoyed the experiences here.  Eric, Cecilia, Markus and other teachers are terrific. Kelly are extremely helpful all the time. In all, very good experiences from all aspect.  I’ll definitely recommend this place for my friend like before.  We’ll miss this place a lot.

Maria L. | Pleasanton, CA

Guitar instructor Didier Bouvet has made our daughter’s guitar instructions very memorable, life altering and beyond positive experience. We could not ask for a better instructor! I don’t know if our daughter ever told you but guitar was not even her initial instrument of choice. She had her heart set on drums. But no drum school/instructors to be found. We stumbled upon the guitar instruction idea when we first attended a walk-in observation on one of your recitals/open house almost 2-3 yrs ago at the academy and met you in the process. I don’t know if you remembered that, (she) sure does!

You are a very commited and passionate teacher and our daughter could not have a better suited instructor. Thank you for your endless compliments, patience and attentiveness to my child. She NEVER wants to stop attending classes from you.

You are an AWESOME person and an excellent guitar instructor!

Thanks for everything that you do for (her)……

Sergei G. | Pleasanton, CA

You’re running a perfect music school with a great teaching team.

Leslie P. | Dublin, CA

We LOVE Mike! He is so patient with Lorne and inspired him to love music – he’s interested now in drums but also piano and guitar! Thank you!

Susan D. | Pleasanton, CA

Yes, we want to continue lessons during the summer and need to make up a couple. He really enjoys his time with you and loves when you play with him – he said he learns more that way. Plus, he said, it’s just plain more fun! I appreciate your tenacity and hope you won’t give up on Griffin. Thanks for your support.

Annie L. | Pleasanton, CA

I’m so glad that I didn’t give them up on learning piano one year ago and made the right decision to transfer them here to study piano with you. I could see the huge progress they have. They know how to read the music notes now and I no longer need to fight with them for practicing the piano daily. You did a great great job too. They won’t be good if we don’t have a great teacher like you. Thank you so much.

Sonia S. | Pleasanton, CA

The girls are so excited to be taking music class. They can’t wait till Thursday to go back! They all love their music teachers. Alex, is actually looking forward to guitar on Thursday. She even picked out some picks at a music supply store. Victoria, was doing her homework and practicing without me telling her to over the weekend. Gaby, has been playing more than usual at home. Please let the teachers know that the kids are looking forward to their classes and are very excited. I can’t believe that Victoria is already reading notes!!!! Yeah!

Connie G | Pleasanton, CA

I’m so pleased with Lauren’s progress – it was her dream to play violin and she was so worried that she was too old. But, she’s been practicing, she really likes the teacher, and it seems to be coming along well. Thank you for providing my daughter with an enjoyable, safe learning environment.

Debara Lutkenhous | Pleasanton, CA

Sam is loving her piano class – it was not the case prior to going to your school. In the past, all I ever heard was ‘do I have to take piano lessons’?! …so thank you!

Mary S. | Pleasanton, CA

Thank you for making the piano dream come alive. My girls have been playing daily. I appreciate all of your support in keeping music in my family.