New World Music Academy Policies

Tuition Policy

  • As of August 31, 2015, New World Music Academy revised its tuition structure.  All tuition is based on 39 lessons during the Academic year (September 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019). Students with Monday lessons will receive a 5% tuition discount reflecting the adjustment for Monday holidays.  Tuition for the Academic year can be paid up front in full or split into five or ten equal payments. For more information, see our Tuition pages pertaining to the instrument(s) in which you are interested.
  • Prorated tuition is available for students starting anytime after September 1st.
  • Form of Payment – The New World Music Academy does not accept cash or personal checks as a way to pay tuition. The academy accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards as well as direct debit of checking or savings accounts. However, materials and merchandise can be paid for either by credit card, cash or check.
  • Receipts – Receipts are available by request.
  • Discontinuing lessons – IMPORTANT! 30 day written notice, using a “Withdrawal Form” (.pdf) or available from the front desk, must be submitted to New World Music Academy for stopping lessons. All withdrawal forms should be filled out fully and emailed to  Only scanned Withdrawal Forms emailed as a .pdf will be accepted. Students will be continually enrolled, i.e. tuition will be charged to the credit card on file according to terms of your agreement, until 30-days after written notice to stop lessons is received using our Withdrawal Form. This policy is in effect throughout the academic year (September through June) as well as for the Summer Session.
  • Students enrolled in more than one instrumental program and would like to stop lessons in ONE of them must submit notification by email to the frontdesk ( – a Withdrawal Form is not appropriate in this case. As a courtesy to the instructor, we ask that a minimum of two weeks notification be given. This email notification must detail the student’s name, instructor, lesson day/time, the date and reason for stopping lessons.
  • Refunds – The academy provides no refunds on any program. There are no refunds or transfer of tuition (paid lessons that were missed in one session/month do NOT apply to future lessons) for classes you’re scheduled to attend whether or not you attend the class. Likewise, there are no refunds for registration fees.
  • Registration fee – There is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $25.00

Missed Lesson Policy

As a general rule, the academy provides no make-up lessons. Consistency is the most important aspect of success in music lessons. This means, if a student misses any lesson, there is no refund or make-up lesson available. This policy is intended to encourage consistency in music lessons and is not designed to be a negative policy for NWMA families.

If a teacher is not available for a scheduled lesson, a substitute teacher will be appointed. NWMA does its best to give plenty of notice to families in these cases and are happy to add that these instances are rare.

Disciplinary Policy Regarding Behavior and Attendance

The goal of this Music Academy is to provide a safe, nurturing, specialized and highly focused educational environment for music students of all ages.


When behavior that contradicts this goal exists, it will be dealt with immediately and swiftly. We have a “no tolerance” policy on disruptive behavior in the classroom. The following steps will be taken to remedy any given disruptive situation.

  1. Teacher will tell student to stop disruptive behavior. This will be considered a warning.
  2. If student persists, teacher will inform parent(s) of the problem. The teacher may call a parent/teacher meeting. The teacher will tell parent he or she must be present in waiting area during their child’s class until teacher decides problem is solved.
  3. If disruptive behavior continues, the student will take a “time out” in the waiting area with his or her parent during the class. The teacher also reserves the right to expel the student from a particular class session.
  4. Should disruptive behavior persist at any time after the previous steps have been taken, the disruptive student will be expelled from the class and the Academy permanently. All tuition will be forfeited.


Existing students will be charged continuously month by month throughout the summer (mainly July) according to the tuition information for his or her instrument as noted above. When a new student enrolls in the summer session, they will be charged a single summer session tuition plus registration fee. When the fall semester commences, new summer students will be paying tuition according to the tuition information relevant to his or her instrument as noted above. The academy staff will do what we can to accommodate family schedules but cannot promise to retain your/your child’s class day/time from session to session.

IMPORTANT: Students pay regular tuition for June and July if continuing lessons for the summer. If not enrolled in Summer classes, or if they decide to “take a break” and are not continuously enrolled at any point throughout the Summer, there will be a $45 “holding fee” for the student until returning for classes – this holding fee will be credited to the student’s account when lessons resume. Since the academy is closed for its Summer Break in August, tuition is prorated accordingly.