Guitar and Bass Instructors

Didier Bouvet

French native born on the island of Mauritius, “I’Isle de France” as it was formerly called, Didier began learning to speak English at seven and playing the guitar at eight (coming from a long line of accomplished classical composers and pianists on his paternal side, the latter came to him much more easily). His self-taught forays began casually at first, after moving to the U.S., until he was introduced to the likes of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, and Allan Holdsworth, all of whom he studied intensely. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after high school and began studying guitar for the next ten years with virtuoso Marc Bonilla (who has worked with such luminaries as Ronnie Montrose, Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple). Bonilla has since moved to L.A. to pursue an impressive career as a film and T.V. composer, while Didier stayed on in the Bay Area as full time working guitarist, studio musician, composer and teacher.

Mike Ramos

Michael Ramos has taught guitar since 2000. He attended Monte Vista High School in Danville and received a degree from Harvard College in 2005. He has toured Japan, played at the Monterey Jazz festival, and was twice a member of the Grammy High School Band. Michael studies, performs, and teaches many styles of guitar including jazz, blues, rock, country, classical, and metal. In addition to teaching guitar, Michael teaches beginning drums and is our Exploring Music Instructor for children aged 3-5.