New Short of NWMA Director in Recording Studio

NWMA owner and executive director Mark Anderson is shown here in a short video produced by Nimbus Records (UK) recording part of a suite of pieces by German/Dutch composer Julius Röntgen. Mark Anderson's recordings of solo piano works by Julius Röntgen are available online at and iTunes. Enjoy.

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The Sacred Triangle

Success of young students, no matter the discipline, is built on a solid foundation. Information is distributed to the student in a classroom/private lesson format and then reinforced with continued study outside of that class or lesson. In the case of music, which presents a vast array of high-level concepts combined with an intense demand [...]

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Chamber Music – The Holy Grail In Music Education

The constant tapping and counting of a teacher in a music lesson seems to be a constant and never-ending tedium. How many music teachers have I heard say, “I sound like a broken record: 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 during every lesson! Why can’t students just learn to count themselves?!” The answer my [...]

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Thoughts From UBC To NWMA

In just a few days, Sept 6th to be exact, my university students (all piano majors) will converge on UBC for a new year of study, practice and goals to attain. The latter, of course, is my ultimate concern and that they pass their end-of-year exams with flying colors. The lesson to be learned is [...]

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